Healthcare Sector

Since the COVID pandemic, Hourglass HR has expanded our work in the medical and healthcare sector. Deploying temp workers in over 30 cities, towns, and remote locations across Canada, we’ve supplied our services to a range of  healthcare providers, public agencies, and medical companies. We’ve provided Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Temp and Contract staffing, and permanent hire recruitment.

We’re proud of our rapid national response to COVID-19 and current nursing shortages. Hourglass HR has  placed hundreds of nurses and healthcare workers across the country. This has allowed Hospitals, Long Term Care Homes, Clinics, Medical Companies and Public Health Agencies to provide COVID testing, complex care, community support, occupational health, and clinical trials.

We can provide a rapid response to help you scale up quickly, no matter the role or location. Hourglass HR can take care of all administrative requirements including payroll and vaccination mandates. From major cities, to remote mining towns we are able to find the right person for the right job for the right reasons.

Top Roles Include:

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