Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For scaling companies that do not have a fully developed recruitment department, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can be a great fit. Our clients can leverage our local Canadian talent acquisition team for all opportunities, allowing you to source, attract, and hire the right talent quickly. With our team members embedded into your recruitment process, you can expect fast turn-around, deep insight into your organization, and white glove service in the following areas:

Candidate Management

From building out your pipeline, through to post-probation, Hourglass HR manages candidates in a transparent, direct way that makes them feel supported through the hiring experience. They are strategically engaged with a high touch recruitment approach and are provided quick and honest feedback. Successful hires are cared for to make sure onboarding happens smoothly.

Supporting Hiring Managers

We engage with hiring managers, providing support, and a framework to educate new managers. We’re dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open and leverage the tools necessary to accomplish this. We can streamline processes and reduce time to fill difficult positions. This means minimizing project delays arising from talent supply issues.


Our pre-employment screening services provide a clear and straightforward process, understandable to both candidates and hiring managers. These can include credit and criminal checks, social media checks, as well as regulatory and global sanction checks. These efficient processes can provide easily measurable results, while being flexible around peak times.

Workforce Planning

Leveraging technology and analytics to inform workforce planning and recruitment strategies, several of our clients take advantage of our workforce planning solutions. This can include the coordination and management of short-term temporary hires. As well, we can work closely with you to anticipate future talent needs, identify trends, understand business opportunities, and execute strategy. You’ll diversify your talent pools, while eliminating administrative burden on your team.

Hiring in a New Region

RPO services can help you flexibly grow your business in new locations. You can access our local knowledge and expertise, tailoring approaches to cultural nuances, while minimizing risk and HR investment, and scale resources up or down to align with demand.

Other RPO benefits include:


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