Temporary Employment

Temporary staffing is a key service offered by Hourglass HR. There are a variety of benefits tied to bringing in temp workers:

Workforce Flexibility

There is quite an ebb and flow to workforce demands. You might have a mountain of work one week, but no work at all the following week. One of the benefits of outsourcing staff is that you have workers when you need them. You can supplement your current team, increasing or decreasing your workforce whenever your workload calls for it.

Faster Hiring

Unfilled positions can affect your organization’s productivity, creating greater stress on the rest of your workforce. As an outsourced team, with a pipeline of available temp workers, Hourglass HR can eliminate downtime.

Lower Costs

A very important reason to work with a staffing and recruiting firm like Hourglass HR is the ability to source the best candidates. Our team of recruiters have the technical understanding of your sector, and the specific online research and screening tools to find the best candidates.

Better Candidates

Outsourcing your staffing services won’t be free, but the cost you’ll pay will be significantly less than all the costs associated with hiring and training new employees in-house. Since Hourglass HR takes care of compliance, payroll, and HR for these workers, you will also save on administrative and overhead costs.

Temp-to-Perm Opportunities

You may have thought to yourself in the past, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to be able to test out new hires before extending an offer of employment’. When you partner with Hourglass HR, you can build out temp-to-perm offers, bringing on new workers, testing them out in your workplace, and then make the decision on whether to hire them permanently or not.


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