Permanent Placement

The Hourglass HR team has been placing candidates in diverse roles and industries for over 20 years. Key benefits of leveraging our skill and experience include:


We use a variety of tools at our disposal to source great candidates. We have made significant investments in the technology and team members to get fast results. Unlike other companies that simply use a "wait and see" approach, we aggressively headhunt candidates who may not be actively searching but fulfill your job requirements. When presented with a clear opportunity, passionate candidates are more than willing to take the next step.

A Human Approach

We’re dedicated to finding the right candidate for the right position, for the right reasons. Using a human approach, Hourglass HR takes the time to understand the dynamics and culture of your organization, and source the best candidate for that role. We also pride ourselves on respecting and honouring the time and effort candidates make, building trust through the process, and leading to more successful long-term hires.

Thorough Process

We deploy a multi-stage interview process, ensuring the best, most qualified candidates who are a fit for your organization are presented to you. We work closely with your HR department and hiring manager to maintain regular communication throughout the process. We also provide detailed submission notes, identifying strengths as well as areas of concern.

Lower Costs

Different pricing models for our services are available. Typically, they involve a percentage of the new hire’s salary, but other arrangements can be made. With the work our recruiters do to ensure long-term hires, you’ll reduce costs on turnover and see a positive impact in your workplace.


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