Case Study- Healthcare Staffing of Regional Vaccination Clinic


Through the summer and fall of 2021 many Canadian public health leaders felt they were finally making headway in healthcare and hospital staffing  with  vaccinations rates increasing in  the general population. That sense of peace and optimism was short-lived as the Omicron strain immerged in late December. With immunity fading, Ontario was facing a surge of Covid 19 cases due to this highly contagious variant.

The Challenge:

Hospitals, clinics, and public health authorities had already been maxing out their staff over the last two years. At that moment, just before the winter holidays, the Region of Waterloo came to Hourglass HR, looking to staff a public health clinic at their head-office location in downtown Kitchener.

The Solution:

The Hourglass HR team immediately sprung into action, to not only providing the staff, but also the logistical, tactical and medical oversight needed to run one of their largest and most productive vaccination clinics, seven days a week, for six weeks.  

Within one week, a seventy-person medical team of greeters, screeners, nurses, and clinical mangers were put in place. Vicky Murray, lead for the vaccine roll-out noted at the time noted, “Their health human resources capabilities are making it possible for us to get more third doses in arms as quickly as possible.”


The quick response and profession approach enabled the Hourglass HR team to administer up to 2,000 additional third doses per week. After the project was completed, Region of Waterloo public health contact Ross Graham noted:

“Hourglass HR was a fantastic partner during the COVID-19 Vaccine Response. Their professional team was easy to work with. They quickly set up and ran effective, busy clinics that increased vaccine access in our community. We particularly appreciated their flexibility as provincial direction changed throughout the pandemic.”

Hourglass HR was able to leverage current healthcare resources as well as recruit further team members in short order to address their client’s pressing need. This removed strain from an overloaded healthcare systems and kept more people healthy.

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